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05A Combinatorics: Enumerative combinatorics
05B Combinatorics: Designs and configurations
05C Combinatorics: Graph theory
05 Combinatorics
05D Combinatorics: Extremal combinatorics
05E Combinatorics: Algebraic combinatorics
06B Order, lattices, ordered algebraic structures: Lattices
11H Number theory: Geometry of numbers
11T Number theory: Finite fields and commutative rings (number-theoretic aspects)
13A Commutative algebra: General commutative ring theory
15A Linear and multilinear algebra; matrix theory: Basic linear algebra
15B Linear and multilinear algebra; matrix theory: Special matrices
16D Associative rings and algebras: Modules, bimodules and ideals
20A Group theory and generalizations: Foundations
20B Group theory and generalizations: Permutation groups
20C Group theory and generalizations: Representation theory of groups
20D Group theory and generalizations: Abstract finite groups
60F Probability theory and stochastic processes: Limit theorems
68Q Computer science: Theory of computing
68R Computer science: Discrete mathematics in relation to computer science
90C Operations research, mathematical programming: Mathematical programming
92E Biology and other natural sciences: Chemistry
93C Systems theory; control: Control systems
94B Information and communication, circuits: Theory of error-correcting codes and error-detecting codes
94C Information and communication, circuits: Circuits, networks
97K Mathematics education: Combinatorics, graph theory, probability theory, statistics