Binary sequence/array pairs via diference set pairs: A recursive approach

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Wright State University

2 Dept. of Computer Engg., YMCA University of Science And Technology, Faridabad, HR 121006, India


Binary array pairs with optimal/ideal correlation values and their algebraic counterparts \textquotedblleft difference set pairs\textquotedblright\;(DSPs) in abelian groups are studied‎. ‎In addition to generalizing known 1-dimensional (sequences) examples‎, ‎we provide four new recursive constructions‎, ‎unifying previously obtained ones‎. ‎Any further advancements in the construction of binary sequences/arrays with optimal/ideal correlation values (equivalently cyclic/abelian difference sets) would give rise to richer classes of DSPs (and hence binary perfect array pairs)‎. ‎Discrete signals arising from DSPs find applications in cryptography‎, ‎CDMA systems‎, ‎radar and wireless communications‎.


Main Subjects

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