Studying the corona product of graphs under some graph invariants

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1 University of Mashhad

2 University of Kashan


‎‎The corona product $G\circ H$ of two graphs $G$ and $H$ is‎ ‎obtained by taking one copy of $G$ and $|V(G)|$ copies of $H$;‎ ‎and by joining each vertex of the $i$-th copy of $H$ to the‎ ‎$i$-th vertex of $G$‎, ‎where $1 \leq i \leq |V(G)|$‎. ‎In this‎ ‎paper‎, ‎exact formulas for the eccentric distance sum and the edge‎ ‎revised Szeged indices of the corona product of graphs are‎ ‎presented‎. ‎We also study the conditions under which the corona‎ ‎product of  graphs produces a median graph‎.


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