Adjacent vertex distinguishing acyclic edge coloring of the Cartesian product of graphs

Document Type : Research Paper


University of Zanjan


‎Let $G$ be a graph and $\chi^{\prime}_{aa}(G)$ denotes the minimum number of colors required for an‎ ‎acyclic edge coloring of $G$ in which no two adjacent vertices are incident to edges colored with the same set of colors‎. ‎We prove a general bound for $\chi^{\prime}_{aa}(G\square H)$ for any two graphs $G$ and $H$‎. ‎We also determine‎ ‎exact value of this parameter for the Cartesian product of two paths‎, ‎Cartesian product of a path and a cycle‎, ‎Cartesian product of two trees‎, ‎hypercubes‎. ‎We show that $\chi^{\prime}_{aa}(C_m\square C_n)$ is at most $6$ fo every $m\geq 3$ and $n\geq 3$‎. ‎Moreover in some cases we find the exact value of $\chi^{\prime}_{aa}(C_m\square C_n)$‎.


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